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Happy Birthday, Eddie Leon

Eddie LeonWhen you play in New York, you never know what might happen: Happy Birthday to Eddie Leon, an infielder who played briefly – and I mean briefly – for the Yankees in 1975. I think it’s a really interesting story and worth the full read. Eddie started out with the Cleveland Indians, making his major league debut in 1968. He was The Tribe’s starting shortstop in 1970 and 1971; his bat was fine (he hit .261 in 1971) and he was strong defensively. When Frank Duffy won the shortstop job in 1972, Eddie became expendable and in early 1973 The Tribe traded him to Chicago for Walt “No Neck” Williams. He won the starting job in 1973, but lost it in 1974 to a young rookie named Bucky Dent.  After the ’74 season, Eddie was traded to the Yankees for pitcher Cecil Upshaw, who had come to New York as part of the famous Fritz Peterson trade. The Yankees had intended to use him as a utility infielder in 1975 – part of a group that included Sandy Alomar at second, Jim Mason at short, and Fred Stanley as the other backup infielder. Eddie didn’t get much playing time as a Yankee. He sat on the bench for the first 22 games of the ’75 season. On May 4, 1975, Eddie finally made his debut wearing Pinstripes, against the Brewers at County Stadium. Mason came out of the game in the eighth inning for a pinch hitter (No-Neck, who by then had become a Yankee), and Bill Virdon sent Eddie in to play short for the bottom of the eighth. No balls were hit to him. No plays involved him. In the top of the ninth, with a runner on first and two outs, and the Brewers ahead 11-4, Virdon sent in Ed Herrmann to pinch hit. That was the first and last time Eddie Leon played for the Yankees. He was released the next day, and soon after the Yankees purchased Ed Brinkman’s contract from the Texas Rangers. Ed got Eddie’s uniform, #20.

I never got to play with Eddie. I was traded to Cleveland in 1974. But as a player, you remember stories like this one. Regardless of his playing time – one-half inning, no plate appearances, and no plays in the field – he is forever a New York Yankee and that means something.

Monument Monday: Larry Gowell

LARRY GOWELLLarry Gowell was only with the Yankees for a brief time during the 1972 season, but that was enough for him to achieve a sort of immortality in the baseball history books.  It was October 4, 1972 and we were at Yankee Stadium playing the Brewers.  Larry was the leadoff hitter in the bottom of the third and smacked a double off Jim Lonborg that went past John Briggs in left.  Larry was left stranded on second as the next three Yankees failed to drive him home.  But the hit was historic because it was the last game of the season, and as it turned out, he was the last American League pitcher to get a hit before the Designated Hitter rule went into effect the following April.  So Larry’s bat now has a place at Cooperstown.

Thanks to the leadership of CBS (sarcasm intended here), the Yankees got the #1 draft pick in 1967, the third year Amateur Draft.  Larry was their first pick in the fourth round – Ron Blomberg was the #1 pick in the first round.  The first time I saw Larry pitch was the first exhibition game of the 1970 season.  He had a natural slider and his fast ball was as fast as any other Yankee in spring training.  We were Pompano Beach playing the Washington Senators and Larry came in to pitch in the ninth inning.  We were ahead, 6-5.  I think he was a little nervous.  His first batter was Del Unser and he hit him with the pitch.  His second batter was a teenager named Jeff Burroughs, who hit a massive Home Run.

Larry spent the 1972 season with the West Haven Yankees, the Eastern League AA club that was being managed by the Bobby Cox, now a Hall of Fame manager.  He was on fire and the Yankee pitchers were following him closely.  In 26 games, he was 14-6 with a 2.54 ERA and 171 strikeouts in 181 innings.

Larry was a September call-up at a time when the Yankees were in a four-way race for First Place in the AL East.  He made his major league debut in the bottom of the sixth inning on September 21, at County Stadium.  With the Brewers ahead 4-0, Ralph Houk had removed Freddy Beene the previous inning for a pinch hitter, Rusty Torres.  Larry retired the first three major league batters he faced: John Briggs, Ollie Brown and Mike Ferraro.  Then in the seventh, he did the same thing against Rick Auerbach, Jerry Bell (the pitcher), and Ron Theobald.  With two outs, The Major took him out in the eighth so Felipe Alou could hit.  Felipe singled, the beginning of a Yankee rally.  He moved to second on Horace Clarke’s hit, and scored on Roy White’s hit.  The Bobby Murcer hit an RBI single, reducing Milwaukee’s lead to one run.  Unfortunately, Bloomie flied out to end the inning, leaving Roy and Bobby on base.  The Brewers wound up beating us, 6-4, and we wasted a rare ninth inning homer by Bernie Allen.

October 4 was the last game of the season and we had lost four in a row, dropping us to 4th place, 6 ½ games behind the Detroit Tigers.  Since we were out of contention, The Major decided to give Larry the start.   He pitched really, really well.  He gave up his first major league hit in the second to Joe Lahoud, and Briggs hit a sacrifice fly to center, scoring Dave May, who had doubled.  With the Yankees trailing 1-0 in the bottom of the sixth inning, no outs and Jerry Kenney on first, The Major pulled Larry for a pinch hitter, Frank Tepedino.  Larry had given up three hits, and had struck out six.  It was an amazing demonstration of pitching for a rookie.    We lost 1-0, as the Yankee bats were not coming through.

Larry was in contention for a major league roster spot in 1973.  He was cut at the end of spring training, losing out to Casey Cox and Doc Medich.  He didn’t make the team again in 1974; the new manager, Bill Virdon, seemed to judge him based on one bad tenth inning in an exhibition game against the Texas Rangers.  A lot of the hype that spring was about Mike Pazik, a cocky southpaw from Holy Cross who wound up getting traded to the Twins for Dick Woodson.  But Larry Gowell’s time as a MLB pitcher was indeed memorable and historic.  I am glad to have known him.

Monument Monday is a weekly tribute to the Pitchers  I knew during my baseball career.  Click here to read my previous entries.

Vida Blue or Alonzo Neal? You decide.

Jim DeidelLet’s talk about an obscure ex-Yankee, Jim Deidel, a catcher who played in two major league games in 1974 – both about five weeks after I was traded to the Indians.  There’s a point to this, I promise.  Jim’s MLB debut was on May 31, 1974 against the Twins at Metropolitan Stadium.  Bill Virdon had Lou Piniella pinch hit for Rick Dempsey, and Jim came in to catch the bottom of the eighth inning.  He played again five days later in Chicago, as catcher in the ninth inning of what would become a fifteen inning game.  He went 0-for-2 and the Yankees lost.  He never played in the majors again, but he did play in two games and that is an extraordinary accomplishment.

Deidel was the Yankees #1 pick in the 15th round of the 1967 Amateur Draft.  There were 77 rounds of that draft – 974 players total — and because of the Horace Clarke Era, the Yankees had first pick in each of those rounds.   Of those 77 picks, only 5 ever donned the pinstripes: Ron Blomberg (1st Round); Larry Gowell (4th Round); Deidel; Loyd Colson (28th Round); and Roger Hambright (67th Round).  Here others — Mike Reinbach (43rd Round); Sam Ewing (45th Round); and Steve Rogers (60th Round) – made it to the majors, but not as Yankees.

It’s not easy making it to the major league, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy being Yankees General Manager Lee McPhail, trying to play Carnac the Magnificent as he tried to predict the ingredients for the next generation of the greatest team to ever play baseball.  Could the Horace Clarke Era have come to a close if McPhail had drafted Vida Blue instead of Alonzo Neal?; Ralph Garr instead of James Yawn? Steve Busby instead of Gowell? (My answer: I wouldn’t have given up my fifteen days with Larry for anything!) Billy Barlow or Dave Goltz? How about this one: Dusty Baker or Ronald Watts?  I posted the full 1967 Draft on my website.  What would you do? Let me know.

1967 Amateur Baseball Draft by Baseball Almanac

Rd Pick Phase Player Name Drafting Team Pos
1 1 JR Ron Blomberg New York Yankees 1B
1 2 JR Terry Hughes Chicago Cubs SS
1 3 JR Mike Garman Boston Red Sox P
1 4 JR Jon Matlack New York Mets P
1 5 JR John Jones Washington Senators C
1 6 JR John Mayberry Houston Astros 1B
1 7 JR Brian Bickerton Kansas City Athletics P
1 8 JR Wayne Simpson Cincinnati Reds P
1 9 JR Mike Nunn California Angels C
1 10 JR Ted Simmons St. Louis Cardinals C-OF
1 11 JR Jack Heidemann Cleveland Indians SS
1 12 JR Andrew Finlay Atlanta Braves OF
1 13 JR Dan Haynes Chicago White Sox 3B
1 14 JR Phil Meyer Philadelphia Phillies P
1 15 JR Jim Foor Detroit Tigers P
1 16 JR Joe Grigas Pittsburgh Pirates OF
1 17 JR Steve Brye Minnesota Twins 3B-OF
1 18 JR Dave Rader San Francisco Giants C
1 19 JR Bobby Grich Baltimore Orioles SS
1 20 JR Don Denbow Los Angeles Dodgers 3B
2 21 JR Alphonso Neal New York Yankees 3B
2 22 JR Jimmy McMath Chicago Cubs OF
2 23 JR Danny Graham Boston Red Sox SS
2 24 JR Daniel Carey New York Mets P
2 25 JR Dexter Baker Washington Senators P-OF
2 26 JR Jay Schlueter Houston Astros OF
2 27 JR Vida Blue Kansas City Athletics P
2 28 JR Wayne Holsoppie Cincinnati Reds P
2 29 JR Dave Kingman California Angels P
2 30 JR Jerry Reuss St. Louis Cardinals P
2 31 JR Mark Ballinger Cleveland Indians P
2 32 JR Dennis Dalton Atlanta Braves P
2 33 JR Stuart Singleton Chicago White Sox SS-OF
2 34 JR Larry Keener Philadelphia Phillies P
2 35 JR Robert Ware Detroit Tigers P
2 36 JR David Sells Pittsburgh Pirates P
2 37 JR Robert Storm Minnesota Twins 3B
2 38 JR Michael Roby San Francisco Giants 1B
2 39 JR Don Baylor Baltimore Orioles OF
2 40 JR Thomas Harris Los Angeles Dodgers SS
3 41 JR Jimmy Yawn New York Yankees 2B
3 42 JR Terry Bongiovanni Chicago Cubs P
3 43 JR Christopher Cross Boston Red Sox C
3 44 JR Gary Myers New York Mets OF
3 45 JR Michael Thompson Washington Senators P
3 46 JR Craig Hilden Houston Astros P
3 47 JR Gary Coleman Kansas City Athletics C
3 48 JR Dick Pooschke Cincinnati Reds SS
3 49 JR Bruce Harkey California Angels P
3 50 JR Bart Johnson St. Louis Cardinals P
3 51 JR Charles Cichosz Cleveland Indians C
3 52 JR Ralph Garr Atlanta Braves 2B
3 53 JR Chris Ward Chicago White Sox OF
3 54 JR Bob McLachlin Philadelphia Phillies P
3 55 JR James Tanner Detroit Tigers OF
3 56 JR Richie Zisk Pittsburgh Pirates OF
3 57 JR Tom Norman Minnesota Twins 3B
3 58 JR Don Carrithers San Francisco Giants P
3 59 JR Greg Arnold Baltimore Orioles P
3 60 JR William Rainer Los Angeles Dodgers OF
4 61 JR Larry Gowell New York Yankees P
4 62 JR Tom Krawczyk Chicago Cubs SS
4 63 JR Dudley Mitchell Boston Red Sox OF-1B
4 64 JR Gary King New York Mets SS
4 65 JR Ken Caldwell Washington Senators 3B
4 66 JR Lewis Brown Houston Astros 3B
4 67 JR Victor Schamarelli Kansas City Athletics OF
4 68 JR Fred Kendall Cincinnati Reds C
4 69 JR David Biber California Angels OF
4 70 JR Ronald McCollum St. Louis Cardinals C
4 71 JR Lawrence Crossan Cleveland Indians P
4 72 JR Bob Didier Atlanta Braves C
4 73 JR Martin Morrison Chicago White Sox 1B-3b
4 74 JR Nicholas Graybeal Philadelphia Phillies C
4 75 JR Leslie Tanona Detroit Tigers OF
4 76 JR Mike Roberts Pittsburgh Pirates 3B
4 77 JR William Perkins Minnesota Twins C
4 78 JR Steve Busby San Francisco Giants P
4 79 JR Chris Farasopolous Baltimore Orioles 2B
4 80 JR Steve Yeager Los Angeles Dodgers C
5 81 JR Billy Barlow New York Yankees C-3B
5 82 JR Terrell Jones Chicago Cubs C
5 83 JR Michael Witt Boston Red Sox OF
5 84 JR Jackie Adams New York Mets OF
5 85 JR Ike Brookens Washington Senators P
5 86 JR Douglas Olson Houston Astros P
5 87 JR Gene Dusan Kansas City Athletics C
5 88 JR Robert Watts Cincinnati Reds OF
5 89 JR Stanley Zawacki California Angels OF
5 90 JR Matt Sterling St. Louis Cardinals P
5 91 JR Ed Farmer Cleveland Indians P
5 92 JR Harold Ziegler Atlanta Braves 3B
5 93 JR Michael Slade Chicago White Sox P
5 94 JR Joseph Daniels Philadelphia Phillies OF
5 95 JR Paul Jata Detroit Tigers C
5 96 JR Dave Goltz Minnesota Twins P
5 97 JR Marty Pfenninger San Francisco Giants SS
5 98 JR David Johnson Baltimore Orioles P
5 99 JR Ronald Cash Los Angeles Dodgers SS
6 100 JR Tim Feldhaus New York Yankees iF-Of
6 101 JR Bruce Dixon Chicago Cubs OF
6 102 JR Samuel Phillips Boston Red Sox P
6 103 JR Russell Seals New York Mets P
6 104 JR Michael Schooff Washington Senators P
6 105 JR Forrest Weatherford Houston Astros C
6 106 JR Carl Ives Kansas City Athletics P
6 107 JR Michael Pstragowski Cincinnati Reds P
6 108 JR Rudolph Kinard California Angels 2B
6 109 JR Paul Womble St. Louis Cardinals SS
6 110 JR William Reuss Cleveland Indians OF
6 111 JR Ronald Owens Atlanta Braves P
6 112 JR Dennis O’toole Chicago White Sox P
6 113 JR Terry Mathis Philadelphia Phillies SS
6 114 JR Dennis Saunders Detroit Tigers P
6 115 JR Harry Tobergate Pittsburgh Pirates P
6 116 JR Mark Strader Minnesota Twins C
6 117 JR Michael Welker San Francisco Giants P
6 118 JR Ronny Stewart Baltimore Orioles OF
6 119 JR Ken Hansen Los Angeles Dodgers P
7 120 JR Phillip Ranneberger New York Yankees OF-P
7 121 JR Michael Redling Chicago Cubs P
7 122 JR Alan Wolfenbarger Boston Red Sox SS
7 123 JR Barry Sheldon New York Mets P
7 124 JR Melvin Lowe Washington Senators OF
7 125 JR John Kryczowski Houston Astros P
7 126 JR Joseph Robinson Kansas City Athletics SS
7 127 JR James Lewis Cincinnati Reds C
7 128 JR Terrance Thompson California Angels P
7 129 JR John Polovina St. Louis Cardinals P
7 130 JR Timothy Sanders Cleveland Indians P
7 131 JR Bobby Croswell Atlanta Braves SS
7 132 JR Stephen Krull Chicago White Sox P
7 133 JR Bruce Hotchkiss Philadelphia Phillies OF
7 134 JR Lynn Adams Detroit Tigers SS
7 135 JR Dennis vaughn Pittsburgh Pirates C
7 136 JR Daniel Mellars Minnesota Twins SS
7 137 JR Larry Price San Francisco Giants OF
7 138 JR Wayne Hoots Baltimore Orioles OF
7 139 JR Russell Bodkin Los Angeles Dodgers OF
8 140 JR Stanton Evenhus New York Yankees P
8 141 JR Allen Robinson Chicago Cubs OF
8 142 JR Steven Salata Boston Red Sox C-OF
8 143 JR Mike McCready New York Mets P
8 144 JR Thomas Elgin Washington Senators P
8 145 JR Gary Long Houston Astros C
8 146 JR Bruce Raible Kansas City Athletics P
8 147 JR Steve Cochran Cincinnati Reds P
8 148 JR Thomas Tikker California Angels C
8 149 JR Lawrence Koch St. Louis Cardinals P
8 150 JR Ronald Zuber Cleveland Indians P
8 151 JR Dave Elmendorf Atlanta Braves OF
8 152 JR Norman Kraft Chicago White Sox 3B-OF
8 153 JR Robert Stevens Philadelphia Phillies P
8 154 JR James Wosman Detroit Tigers C-1B
8 155 JR John Landry Pittsburgh Pirates 1B
8 156 JR Anthony Serenelli Minnesota Twins SS-3B
8 157 JR Davey Lopes San Francisco Giants OF
8 158 JR Lou Lanehardt Baltimore Orioles P
8 159 JR Aubrey Saxon Los Angeles Dodgers P
9 160 JR Robert Carson New York Yankees iF-Of
9 161 JR Edward Thomas Chicago Cubs 1B
9 162 JR Cal Meier Boston Red Sox SS
9 163 JR Fred Howard New York Mets 1B
9 164 JR Chris Cammack Washington Senators 3B
9 165 JR Jeffery Morrell Houston Astros OF-3B
9 166 JR Donald Camy Kansas City Athletics P
9 167 JR Bob Degrate Cincinnati Reds P-OF
9 168 JR Douglas Ross California Angels P
9 169 JR James Braxton St. Louis Cardinals 1B-OF
9 170 JR Vic Correll Cleveland Indians C
9 171 JR William Hodge Atlanta Braves C
9 172 JR William Cooper Chicago White Sox P
9 173 JR Michael Schomaker Philadelphia Phillies OF-C
9 174 JR Lawrence Fritz Detroit Tigers P
9 175 JR Theodore Taylor Pittsburgh Pirates 3B-OF
9 176 JR Steve Simon Minnesota Twins P
9 177 JR James Gasbarro San Francisco Giants iF-Of
9 178 JR Fred Kuppers Baltimore Orioles C
9 179 JR Gary Wedel Los Angeles Dodgers 3B
10 180 JR Les Gibbens New York Yankees P
10 181 JR Joseph Reyda Chicago Cubs P
10 182 JR Mark Kleibl Boston Red Sox 3B
10 183 JR Charles Hudson New York Mets P-OF
10 184 JR Robert Koehler Washington Senators P
10 185 JR Daniel Evans Houston Astros P
10 186 JR Lazara Mata Kansas City Athletics C
10 187 JR Jerry Cole Cincinnati Reds 1B
10 188 JR Gerald Lanning California Angels P
10 189 JR Lenny Randle St. Louis Cardinals SS
10 190 JR Thomas Jenner Cleveland Indians SS
10 191 JR Edward Rios Atlanta Braves OF-P
10 192 JR James Rafferty Chicago White Sox SS
10 193 JR Terry Howarth Philadelphia Phillies 1B
10 194 JR Mike Deniro Detroit Tigers 3B
10 195 JR Darrell Brown Pittsburgh Pirates SS-3B
10 196 JR Danny Long Minnesota Twins C
10 197 JR Robert Tate San Francisco Giants SS
10 198 JR Robert Blakeley Baltimore Orioles OF-1B
10 199 JR Carmine Marceno Los Angeles Dodgers 1B
11 200 JR Donnie Davis New York Yankees 3B
11 201 JR John Lung Chicago Cubs 3B
11 202 JR Ronald Sheppard Boston Red Sox 3B
11 203 JR Jessie Hudson New York Mets P
11 204 JR Rich Stelmaszek Washington Senators C
11 205 JR George Hunt Houston Astros 1B
11 206 JR Eric Soderholm Kansas City Athletics iF-P
11 207 JR Art Ramsey Cincinnati Reds P
11 208 JR Lawrence Rybicki California Angels P
11 209 JR Alfred Buchta St. Louis Cardinals P
11 210 JR Richard Ogle Cleveland Indians P
11 211 JR Terry Hankins Atlanta Braves SS
11 212 JR Kurt Aschermann Chicago White Sox C
11 213 JR Donald Thomson Philadelphia Phillies P
11 214 JR Gary McGhee Detroit Tigers 2B
11 215 JR William Spikes Pittsburgh Pirates OF
11 216 JR Al Hrabosky Minnesota Twins P
11 217 JR Jim Willoughby San Francisco Giants P
11 218 JR William Ray Baltimore Orioles P
11 219 JR Charles Boggs Los Angeles Dodgers C
12 220 JR Brian Engle New York Yankees SS
12 221 JR Charles Pollock Chicago Cubs P
12 222 JR John Newton Boston Red Sox SS
12 223 JR Tom Horne New York Mets P
12 224 JR Richard Eisenacher Washington Senators P
12 225 JR Gerald Johnson Houston Astros P
12 226 JR Steve Mikulic Kansas City Athletics SS
12 227 JR Gordon Longmire Cincinnati Reds SS
12 228 JR James Englehardt California Angels P
12 229 JR Jeffrey Ice St. Louis Cardinals P
12 230 JR Richard Dickinson Cleveland Indians 2B
12 231 JR Chester Patterson Atlanta Braves P
12 232 JR Thomas Wright Chicago White Sox OF
12 233 JR Frank Odum Philadelphia Phillies C
12 234 JR Henry Bunnell Detroit Tigers OF-P
12 235 JR Charles Helms Pittsburgh Pirates SS
12 236 JR Don Brown Minnesota Twins P
12 237 JR Osvaldo Bosch San Francisco Giants OF
12 238 JR Robert Sorrentino Baltimore Orioles P
12 239 JR Robert Lamber Los Angeles Dodgers P
13 240 JR Michael Gomez New York Yankees P
13 241 JR David Classen Chicago Cubs 3B-C
13 242 JR Lawrence Bellm Boston Red Sox P
13 243 JR Tim Bograkos New York Mets 1B
13 244 JR Wayne Stack Washington Senators SS
13 245 JR John Ritter Houston Astros P
13 246 JR William Harkins Kansas City Athletics P
13 247 JR John Hale Cincinnati Reds C
13 248 JR Charles Oakes California Angels 1B-C
13 249 JR Raymond Wood St. Louis Cardinals OF-1B
13 250 JR Ray Cox Cleveland Indians C
13 251 JR Byron Kennedy Atlanta Braves C
13 252 JR Steven Agerton Chicago White Sox 3B-SS
13 253 JR Dennis Davies Philadelphia Phillies C
13 254 JR Jerry Killian Detroit Tigers P
13 255 JR Meredith Cox Pittsburgh Pirates P
13 256 JR Steve Luebber Minnesota Twins P
13 257 JR Rosendo Cedeno San Francisco Giants 1B-OF
13 258 JR Michael Wertz Baltimore Orioles SS
13 259 JR Kara Hall Los Angeles Dodgers IF
14 260 JR Daniel Bohannon New York Yankees SS
14 261 JR Richard Arbogast Chicago Cubs P
14 262 JR James Thurston Boston Red Sox 3B-SS
14 263 JR Wendell Franke New York Mets SS-p
14 264 JR Ray Bare Washington Senators P
14 265 JR Steve Grover Houston Astros P
14 266 JR Bill Aubertin Kansas City Athletics P
14 267 JR Samuel Greenwood Cincinnati Reds OF
14 268 JR Edward Fields California Angels P
14 269 JR William Kelly St. Louis Cardinals p-1B
14 270 JR Jay ray Rokey Cleveland Indians OF
14 271 JR Richard Wurstner Atlanta Braves SS-2B
14 272 JR Gerald Hall Chicago White Sox C-OF
14 273 JR Eugene Stack Philadelphia Phillies P
14 274 JR Gilbert LaHaine Detroit Tigers 1B
14 275 JR Thomas Saunches Pittsburgh Pirates C
14 276 JR Nils Lambert Minnesota Twins P
14 277 JR Eugene Cook San Francisco Giants 2B
14 278 JR Dave Schmid Baltimore Orioles OF
14 279 JR James Loll Los Angeles Dodgers 1B-P
15 280 JR James Deidl New York Yankees C
15 281 JR Lloyd Kingfisher Chicago Cubs P
15 282 JR James Powers Boston Red Sox C
15 283 JR Charles Landis New York Mets OF
15 284 JR Joseph Frye Washington Senators P
15 285 JR Thomas Suchanek Houston Astros P
15 286 JR Ray Elder Kansas City Athletics 3B
15 287 JR Patrick Martin Cincinnati Reds P
15 288 JR Steven Elliott California Angels P
15 289 JR David Polcari St. Louis Cardinals OF
15 290 JR Charles Sprinkle Cleveland Indians SS
15 291 JR Mark vanderwater Atlanta Braves C
15 292 JR Joseph Bowen Chicago White Sox 3B-1b
15 293 JR Joseph Sanchez Philadelphia Phillies P
15 294 JR Isiah Blessitt Detroit Tigers OF
15 295 JR Tyrone Hines Pittsburgh Pirates SS
15 296 JR Rick Dempsey Minnesota Twins C
15 297 JR Pat Westley San Francisco Giants SS
15 298 JR James Reynolds Baltimore Orioles P
15 299 JR Glenn Woodruff Los Angeles Dodgers C
16 300 JR Craig Fellows New York Yankees P
16 301 JR Richard Tekavec Chicago Cubs C
16 302 JR Michael Spellman Boston Red Sox P
16 303 JR John Frilling New York Mets OF
16 304 JR Bruce Kinder Washington Senators SS
16 305 JR Kenneth Hovance Houston Astros OF
16 306 JR Rex Kern Kansas City Athletics 3B
16 307 JR Robert Cramer Cincinnati Reds P
16 308 JR John Lyles California Angels SS
16 309 JR Melvin Pettigrew St. Louis Cardinals OF
16 310 JR Larry Gallagher Cleveland Indians P
16 311 JR Robert Andrews Atlanta Braves P
16 312 JR Kent Calderan Chicago White Sox SS
16 313 JR Jeff Beattie Philadelphia Phillies P
16 314 JR Steve Allen Detroit Tigers OF
16 315 JR Charles Malitz Pittsburgh Pirates OF-1B
16 316 JR Dan Humay Minnesota Twins SS
16 317 JR Anthony Ketelsleger San Francisco Giants P
16 318 JR Dave Kropfelter Baltimore Orioles C
16 319 JR John Donovan Los Angeles Dodgers P
17 320 JR David Gunderman New York Yankees 2B-SS
17 321 JR John Merten Chicago Cubs P
17 322 JR Michael James Boston Red Sox OF-SS
17 323 JR Forrest Dover New York Mets P
17 324 JR Robert George Washington Senators P
17 325 JR Ricky Wilson Houston Astros 3B
17 326 JR Robert Pirnik Kansas City Athletics C
17 327 JR William Mottershead Cincinnati Reds P
17 328 JR Steve Moore California Angels OF
17 329 JR John Carroll St. Louis Cardinals P
17 330 JR Ronald Butterfield Cleveland Indians P
17 331 JR Robert Wiswell Atlanta Braves P
17 332 JR George Weimer Chicago White Sox P
17 333 JR Henry Jacquez Philadelphia Phillies OF
17 334 JR Marvin Gurley Detroit Tigers P
17 335 JR Howard Deacon Pittsburgh Pirates C
17 336 JR Ray Shoup Minnesota Twins OF
17 337 JR Gary Houston San Francisco Giants P
17 338 JR Mike Duggan Baltimore Orioles 2B
17 339 JR Robert Knight Los Angeles Dodgers 2B-SS
18 340 JR Richard Cross New York Yankees SS
18 341 JR Thomas Brown Chicago Cubs P
18 342 JR Tommy Harmon Boston Red Sox C
18 343 JR Warren Holmes New York Mets OF
18 344 JR Gordon Steinbach Washington Senators OF
18 345 JR Richard Hartzog Houston Astros OF
18 346 JR Mark Resser Kansas City Athletics P
18 347 JR Kenneth Geiger Cincinnati Reds P
18 348 JR Gregory Smith California Angels P
18 349 JR Ronnie Roberts St. Louis Cardinals P
18 350 JR Michael Schroeder Cleveland Indians P
18 351 JR John Wilmouth Atlanta Braves 1B
18 352 JR John Amoroso Chicago White Sox P
18 353 JR Robert Kenny Philadelphia Phillies P
18 354 JR Richard Szal Detroit Tigers P
18 355 JR Paul Strauch Pittsburgh Pirates P
18 356 JR Keith Spicer Minnesota Twins OF
18 357 JR Fred Glass San Francisco Giants P
18 358 JR Winston Presley Baltimore Orioles P
18 359 JR Don Stoulil Los Angeles Dodgers 3B
19 360 JR Michael Ball New York Yankees 3B
19 361 JR Q.V. Lowe Chicago Cubs P
19 362 JR Walter Povlick Boston Red Sox P
19 363 JR Joseph Tillman New York Mets 3B
19 364 JR Richard Astor Washington Senators 3B
19 365 JR Don Jumper Houston Astros P
19 366 JR Samuel Lovelace Kansas City Athletics SS-2B
19 367 JR Paul Walton Cincinnati Reds P
19 368 JR Richard David California Angels 1B
19 369 JR Richard Wilson St. Louis Cardinals P
19 370 JR William Kohl Cleveland Indians P
19 371 JR Carl Mayfield Atlanta Braves C
19 372 JR Martin Sauble Chicago White Sox 1B
19 373 JR Joseph Anderson Philadelphia Phillies OF
19 374 JR William Castle Detroit Tigers SS
19 375 JR Jack Burns Pittsburgh Pirates OF-p
19 376 JR Robert Gamache Minnesota Twins P
19 377 JR Larry Item San Francisco Giants C
19 378 JR Sam Cook Baltimore Orioles OF
19 379 JR Abraham Sears Los Angeles Dodgers SS-OF
20 380 JR Gerald Wickman New York Yankees P
20 381 JR Gary Lance Chicago Cubs P
20 382 JR Steve Broege New York Mets P
20 383 JR Robert Gambill Washington Senators 2B-p
20 384 JR Wayne Brechtel Houston Astros P
20 385 JR Steve Zimmerman Kansas City Athletics P
20 386 JR Rick Farizo Cincinnati Reds P
20 387 JR Robert Foderaro California Angels P
20 388 JR Thomas Dunn St. Louis Cardinals 1B
20 389 JR Mike Paul Cleveland Indians P
20 390 JR Edward Fisher Atlanta Braves SS
20 391 JR Kenneth valentine Chicago White Sox SS
20 392 JR John Maczuga Philadelphia Phillies OF
20 393 JR Doug Swiss Detroit Tigers C
20 394 JR Paul Keany Pittsburgh Pirates 3B
20 395 JR Gary Reierson Minnesota Twins OF
20 396 JR Gary Lavelle San Francisco Giants P
20 397 JR Doug Rau Baltimore Orioles P
20 398 JR Larry King Los Angeles Dodgers P
21 399 JR Daniel Bina New York Yankees P
21 400 JR Allen Dukate Chicago Cubs P
21 401 JR Donald Russell New York Mets 3B
21 402 JR Gary Carter Washington Senators P
21 403 JR George Shaw Houston Astros P
21 404 JR David Rhodenbaugh Kansas City Athletics P
21 405 JR Keith Pridgen Cincinnati Reds SS
21 406 JR Craig Baker California Angels P
21 407 JR Stanley Dyson St. Louis Cardinals 3B-OF
21 408 JR Richard Pack Cleveland Indians 1B
21 409 JR James Brittan Atlanta Braves P
21 410 JR Gary Cook Chicago White Sox OF
21 411 JR Milton Jackson Philadelphia Phillies P
21 412 JR Daniel Fife Detroit Tigers P
21 413 JR James Iglehart Pittsburgh Pirates OF
21 414 JR Larry Rathje Minnesota Twins OF
21 415 JR Van Fixico San Francisco Giants 2B
21 416 JR Earl Nance Baltimore Orioles P
21 417 JR Bruce Matte Los Angeles Dodgers P
22 418 JR Robert Vaught New York Yankees P
22 419 JR Martin Miller Chicago Cubs OF
22 420 JR Dennis Lingenfelter New York Mets P
22 421 JR Jeffrey Drexler Washington Senators P
22 422 JR Kenneth McCary Houston Astros OF
22 423 JR John Austin Kansas City Athletics P
22 424 JR Terry Wilshushen Cincinnati Reds 3B
22 425 JR Michael Derrington California Angels p-1B
22 426 JR John Howard St. Louis Cardinals 1B-OF
22 427 JR William Gray Cleveland Indians 2B
22 428 JR Howard Hall Atlanta Braves 1B-OF
22 429 JR Craig Perkins Chicago White Sox C
22 430 JR Donald Keenan Philadelphia Phillies C
22 431 JR Jess Rossiter Detroit Tigers P
22 432 JR Michael Derrig Pittsburgh Pirates P
22 433 JR James Enlund Minnesota Twins P
22 434 JR Garry Pinnow San Francisco Giants OF-1B
22 435 JR Terry Wedgewood Baltimore Orioles SS-3B
22 436 JR Leon Murray Los Angeles Dodgers 1B
23 437 JR Barney Scholl New York Yankees OF
23 438 JR Bruce Olson Chicago Cubs P
23 439 JR Michael Lersch New York Mets P
23 440 JR Roger Sheridan Washington Senators OF
23 441 JR Paul Greer Houston Astros C
23 442 JR Ron Gordon Kansas City Athletics OF
23 443 JR Edgar Avila Cincinnati Reds 1B-P
23 444 JR Richard Shibley California Angels SS-2B
23 445 JR Glenn Marshall St. Louis Cardinals 1B
23 446 JR Ronald Hunt Cleveland Indians SS
23 447 JR Gary Moleberg Atlanta Braves 3B-1b
23 448 JR Victor LaDuna Chicago White Sox SS
23 449 JR Kenneth Bangsberg Philadelphia Phillies P
23 450 JR Donald Honne Detroit Tigers P
23 451 JR George Arnott Pittsburgh Pirates 2B
23 452 JR John Shuloch Minnesota Twins 3B
23 453 JR Danny Guerrero San Francisco Giants C
23 454 JR Billy DeMars Baltimore Orioles SS
23 455 JR Malcolm Bass Los Angeles Dodgers 2B-3b
24 456 JR Richard Ordway New York Yankees P
24 457 JR John Johnson Chicago Cubs OF
24 458 JR Bob Bryant New York Mets C
24 459 JR Thomas Worthington Washington Senators 3B
24 460 JR Emmitt Money Houston Astros P
24 461 JR Joe Grace Kansas City Athletics 3B
24 462 JR James Angelo Cincinnati Reds 2B
24 463 JR Dennis Heberlein California Angels 1B
24 464 JR Robert Richardson St. Louis Cardinals P
24 465 JR Ed Southard Cleveland Indians OF
24 466 JR Forest Patterson Atlanta Braves 2B-SS
24 467 JR Frank Grundler Chicago White Sox SS
24 468 JR Anthony Giresi Philadelphia Phillies P
24 469 JR Ricky Sayle Detroit Tigers OF
24 470 JR James Topping Pittsburgh Pirates P
24 471 JR Jim O’Bradovich Minnesota Twins 2B
24 472 JR Glen Davis San Francisco Giants 2B
24 473 JR David Ekelund Baltimore Orioles 1B
24 474 JR Norman Dermody Los Angeles Dodgers P
25 475 JR Joseph Gill New York Yankees OF
25 476 JR David Stone Chicago Cubs P
25 477 JR Peter Cappelli New York Mets C
25 478 JR Ralph Owens Washington Senators SS
25 479 JR Larry Franklin Houston Astros P
25 480 JR Sheldon Spicher Kansas City Athletics SS
25 481 JR Sheldon Andrens Cincinnati Reds OF
25 482 JR John Jackson California Angels 3B
25 483 JR Freddy Jamison St. Louis Cardinals P
25 484 JR Kevin Casey Cleveland Indians OF
25 485 JR Mike Testa Atlanta Braves OF
25 486 JR Richard Hanselman Chicago White Sox P
25 487 JR Dale Scilley Detroit Tigers SS
25 488 JR Dave Rose Pittsburgh Pirates P
25 489 JR Michael Shields Minnesota Twins P
25 490 JR John Floyd San Francisco Giants 1B
25 491 JR Robert Williams Baltimore Orioles OF
25 492 JR James Hughes Los Angeles Dodgers SS
26 493 JR Ronald Watts New York Yankees P
26 494 JR Leonard Bible Chicago Cubs C
26 495 JR Jerry Perkins New York Mets P
26 496 JR Lyle Edwards Washington Senators OF
26 497 JR Larry Caldwell Houston Astros OF
26 498 JR Robert Stickels Kansas City Athletics P
26 499 JR Robert Beck Cincinnati Reds P
26 500 JR Donald Peracchi California Angels 1B
26 501 JR Thomas Kuczynski St. Louis Cardinals P-OF
26 502 JR Tom Taylor Cleveland Indians SS
26 503 JR Dusty Baker Atlanta Braves OF
26 504 JR Steve Ostrowski Chicago White Sox P
26 505 JR Jim Burton Detroit Tigers P
26 506 JR Lee Lamb Pittsburgh Pirates P
26 507 JR Frank Archuleta Minnesota Twins OF
26 508 JR Bobby Wade San Francisco Giants C
26 509 JR Ronald Hale Baltimore Orioles P
26 510 JR James Norton Los Angeles Dodgers C
27 511 JR Thomas Porthen New York Yankees P
27 512 JR Dennis Rockwell Chicago Cubs 1B
27 513 JR Eugene Salmon New York Mets 1B
27 514 JR Richard Bechtel Washington Senators SS-2B
27 515 JR Michael Cahill Houston Astros P
27 516 JR Clyde Steele Kansas City Athletics P
27 517 JR John Young Cincinnati Reds 1B
27 518 JR Ed Crosby California Angels 2B
27 519 JR Paul Kacera St. Louis Cardinals 3B
27 520 JR Phillip Still Cleveland Indians 2B
27 521 JR Donald Autry Atlanta Braves SS
27 522 JR Ken Ottoson Chicago White Sox P
27 523 JR Peter Perpich Detroit Tigers P
27 524 JR Donald Schroeder Pittsburgh Pirates P
27 525 JR Kenneth Gill Minnesota Twins P-OF
27 526 JR Martin Downen San Francisco Giants P
27 527 JR Roy Swanson Baltimore Orioles P
27 528 JR Michael Rapkin Los Angeles Dodgers P
28 529 JR Loyd Colson New York Yankees p-1B
28 530 JR Larry Sheffield Chicago Cubs P
28 531 JR Steve McMillan New York Mets 2B
28 532 JR Howard Williams Washington Senators 3B
28 533 JR Jerry Proctor Houston Astros iF-p
28 534 JR Clarence Stoner Kansas City Athletics 1B
28 535 JR Daniel Hootstein Cincinnati Reds OF
28 536 JR Roy Lee California Angels C-1B
28 537 JR Bob Bonalewicz St. Louis Cardinals C
28 538 JR Jerry McConnell Cleveland Indians P
28 539 JR Wayne Boatman Atlanta Braves OF
28 540 JR Leonard Filbeck Chicago White Sox P
28 541 JR Lanny Yost Detroit Tigers SS
28 542 JR Donald Barnes Pittsburgh Pirates P
28 543 JR Louis Billmeier Minnesota Twins P
28 544 JR Gregory Yarbrough San Francisco Giants P
28 545 JR James Davies Baltimore Orioles OF
28 546 JR Greg Smith Los Angeles Dodgers P
29 547 JR Robert Hefflinger New York Yankees 1B
29 548 JR Donald Davis Chicago Cubs 3B
29 549 JR Roger Spagnuolo New York Mets SS
29 550 JR Robert Corwin Washington Senators C
29 551 JR James Evans Houston Astros P
29 552 JR Moody Jackson Kansas City Athletics OF
29 553 JR Dave Tomlin Cincinnati Reds P
29 554 JR Carl Wright California Angels P
29 555 JR James Scieres St. Louis Cardinals C
29 556 JR John Hathaway Cleveland Indians P
29 557 JR Thomas Urquhart Atlanta Braves P
29 558 JR Steve Humphrey Chicago White Sox 1B-OF
29 559 JR Jack McCloud Detroit Tigers P
29 560 JR Lewis Green Pittsburgh Pirates SS
29 561 JR Robert Fizner Minnesota Twins C
29 562 JR Rick Sawyer San Francisco Giants P
29 563 JR Larry Mongillo Baltimore Orioles OF
29 564 JR James Flynn Los Angeles Dodgers P
30 565 JR Ken Johnson New York Yankees P
30 566 JR Charles Hunt Chicago Cubs P
30 567 JR Larry Kiser New York Mets P
30 568 JR Donald Burkhalter Washington Senators P
30 569 JR Donald Paulsen Houston Astros OF
30 570 JR Donald Ruris Kansas City Athletics 2B
30 571 JR John Lynn Cincinnati Reds 1B
30 572 JR Wesley Rutledge St. Louis Cardinals P
30 573 JR Larry McDivitt Cleveland Indians P
30 574 JR David Byerly Atlanta Braves OF
30 575 JR Charlie Wolfe Chicago White Sox P
30 576 JR Richard Highduke Detroit Tigers SS
30 577 JR J.T. Ingram Pittsburgh Pirates P
30 578 JR Daniel Adams Minnesota Twins 3B
30 579 JR Donald Elam San Francisco Giants P
30 580 JR Dave Harter Baltimore Orioles P
30 581 JR James Brunnworth Los Angeles Dodgers P
31 582 JR Douglas Braun New York Yankees C
31 583 JR Mike Pietrantonio New York Mets SS
31 584 JR Dale Hillard Washington Senators C-OF
31 585 JR Pat McKean Houston Astros P
31 586 JR Robert Schiffner Kansas City Athletics P
31 587 JR Chris Chambliss Cincinnati Reds 1B
31 588 JR Randolph Siebert St. Louis Cardinals P
31 589 JR Tim Huntley Cleveland Indians OF
31 590 JR Robert Churchich Atlanta Braves 3B
31 591 JR Jimmy Norris Chicago White Sox OF
31 592 JR Daniel Carroll Detroit Tigers 1B
31 593 JR Terry Gardner Pittsburgh Pirates P
31 594 JR Walter Evanik Minnesota Twins OF
31 595 JR Michael Newsom San Francisco Giants iF-p
31 596 JR Daniel Ryan Baltimore Orioles 1B
31 597 JR Ronald Thompson Los Angeles Dodgers p-1B
32 598 JR Willie Elmore New York Yankees C
32 599 JR Dan Pastorini New York Mets SS
32 600 JR Richard Baldwin Washington Senators OF
32 601 JR Robert Danaher Houston Astros P
32 602 JR Thomas Kaehler Kansas City Athletics OF
32 603 JR Billy Robertson Cincinnati Reds 2B
32 604 JR Richard McHale St. Louis Cardinals P
32 605 JR Mike Yetter Cleveland Indians 3B
32 606 JR Joseph Fanning Atlanta Braves C
32 607 JR Lee Jacobsen Chicago White Sox OF
32 608 JR Carl Schulz Detroit Tigers SS
32 609 JR Lyle Wilber Pittsburgh Pirates P
32 610 JR Patrick Smith Minnesota Twins 2B-SS
32 611 JR Robert Huddelston San Francisco Giants OF
32 612 JR Joe Crocker Baltimore Orioles C
32 613 JR David Thompson Los Angeles Dodgers OF
33 614 JR Tommy Monroe New York Yankees C
33 615 JR Del Corral New York Mets OF
33 616 JR Edwin Mossman Washington Senators 3B
33 617 JR Rory Hummell Houston Astros C
33 618 JR Randy Smith Kansas City Athletics 1B
33 619 JR Reuben Haliburton Cincinnati Reds P
33 620 JR Pat Osborn St. Louis Cardinals p-1B
33 621 JR Thomas Callan Cleveland Indians SS
33 622 JR Gene Rinaldi Atlanta Braves SS
33 623 JR John Hankammer Chicago White Sox P
33 624 JR George McKenzie Detroit Tigers 2B
33 625 JR Don Anderson Pittsburgh Pirates P
33 626 JR Jerald Brown Minnesota Twins C
33 627 JR David voss San Francisco Giants 1B
33 628 JR Richard Wagener Baltimore Orioles P
33 629 JR John Brannigan Los Angeles Dodgers P
34 630 JR Michael Baier New York Yankees SS
34 631 JR William Luftig New York Mets SS
34 632 JR George Hubal Washington Senators P
34 633 JR David Buchanan Houston Astros 3B
34 634 JR Douglas Ross Kansas City Athletics P
34 635 JR Roger Menaugh Cincinnati Reds OF
34 636 JR Joel Hall St. Louis Cardinals C
34 637 JR Jack Brohamer Cleveland Indians SS
34 638 JR George Sahadi Atlanta Braves 1B
34 639 JR Harold Jones Chicago White Sox P
34 640 JR Lee Sage Detroit Tigers P
34 641 JR Jerald vitatoe Pittsburgh Pirates 3B-Of
34 642 JR Mike Cichon Minnesota Twins P
34 643 JR Jeff Campbell San Francisco Giants P
34 644 JR William Carroll Baltimore Orioles OF
34 645 JR Robert Huellemeier Los Angeles Dodgers P
35 646 JR David Gonzalez New York Yankees SS
35 647 JR Bill Olsen New York Mets P
35 648 JR Delbert Marcus Washington Senators C
35 649 JR Robert Warner Houston Astros P
35 650 JR Parke Davidson Kansas City Athletics SS
35 651 JR Edward Bravo Cincinnati Reds 3B
35 652 JR Orlando Ortega St. Louis Cardinals OF
35 653 JR Bill Moynier Cleveland Indians P
35 654 JR Michael Magness Atlanta Braves P
35 655 JR Tim Foy Chicago White Sox C
35 656 JR Darrell Schneller Detroit Tigers P
35 657 JR Perry Dunn Pittsburgh Pirates SS-3B
35 658 JR William Templeton Minnesota Twins P
35 659 JR Wayne Mitchell San Francisco Giants OF
35 660 JR Edward Watts Baltimore Orioles 3B
35 661 JR William Wright Los Angeles Dodgers C
36 662 JR Jerry McCollough New York Yankees Of-1B
36 663 JR David Lipp New York Mets 2B
36 664 JR Bobby Jones Washington Senators 1B
36 665 JR Steven Ritchie Houston Astros P
36 666 JR Michael Heinitz Kansas City Athletics C
36 667 JR Thomas Hooper Cincinnati Reds 3B
36 668 JR Freddie Smith St. Louis Cardinals C
36 669 JR Elwood Walker Cleveland Indians P
36 670 JR Willie Frazier Atlanta Braves SS
36 671 JR Thomas Gehrke Chicago White Sox 3B-Of
36 672 JR Gary Ignasiak Detroit Tigers P
36 673 JR Thomas Grayson Pittsburgh Pirates if-Of
36 674 JR Ronald Pritchett Minnesota Twins P
36 675 JR Leonard Cargill San Francisco Giants P
36 676 JR Watkins Blane Baltimore Orioles 1B
36 677 JR Chava Flores Los Angeles Dodgers SS
37 678 JR Walter Peto New York Yankees SS
37 679 JR John Bachman New York Mets C
37 680 JR Frank Fillman Washington Senators P
37 681 JR Glen Hassell Houston Astros P
37 682 JR Larry Gonsalves Kansas City Athletics P
37 683 JR Jerome Thomas Cincinnati Reds P
37 684 JR Mark Driscoll St. Louis Cardinals 2B
37 685 JR Fred Reedy Cleveland Indians P
37 686 JR Derk Hoving Atlanta Braves C
37 687 JR Willie Garrison Chicago White Sox P
37 688 JR Mike Marshall Detroit Tigers SS
37 689 JR Lorenzo Lanier Pittsburgh Pirates OF
37 690 JR Larry Agrella Minnesota Twins SS-3B
37 691 JR Vache Bahadurian San Francisco Giants 1B
37 692 JR Edward Gilkes Baltimore Orioles OF
37 693 JR Greg Mattinson Los Angeles Dodgers OF
38 694 JR Joseph Hindelang New York Yankees  
38 695 JR David Schneck New York Mets P-OF
38 696 JR Lawrence Mischik Washington Senators P
38 697 JR Carl Hayes Houston Astros SS
38 698 JR Ron Fisher Kansas City Athletics C
38 699 JR Johnnie Williamson Cincinnati Reds p-1B
38 700 JR Benny Haynie St. Louis Cardinals P
38 701 JR Joe Staples Cleveland Indians C
38 702 JR William Wright Atlanta Braves P
38 703 JR Kenneth quarles Chicago White Sox OF
38 704 JR Marvin Isensee Detroit Tigers 1B
38 705 JR Bob Auriegemma Pittsburgh Pirates P
38 706 JR Mel Bannon Minnesota Twins SS
38 707 JR Robert Kenney San Francisco Giants P
38 708 JR Bill Borelli Baltimore Orioles 1B
38 709 JR Charles Kingsbury Los Angeles Dodgers 3B
39 710 JR James Corcoran New York Yankees SS
39 711 JR Mark Crandall New York Mets P
39 712 JR William Metcalf Washington Senators P
39 713 JR Geoff Price Houston Astros 2B
39 714 JR Allen Simas Kansas City Athletics P
39 715 JR Roger Tipton Cincinnati Reds P
39 716 JR Richard Householder St. Louis Cardinals SS-Of
39 717 JR Ladon Green Cleveland Indians OF
39 718 JR Craig Lown Atlanta Braves P
39 719 JR Earl vickers Chicago White Sox OF
39 720 JR Richard Miceli Detroit Tigers C
39 721 JR Daryl French Pittsburgh Pirates P
39 722 JR William Rahn Minnesota Twins P
39 723 JR Donald Weber San Francisco Giants P
39 724 JR Lee Chilton Baltimore Orioles P
39 725 JR Willie Strickland Los Angeles Dodgers OF
40 726 JR Jerry Algeo New York Yankees if-Of
40 727 JR Robert Thomas New York Mets 1B
40 728 JR William Wood Washington Senators P
40 729 JR Louie Gavrell Houston Astros P-OF
40 730 JR Ernest Fimbres Kansas City Athletics OF
40 731 JR Paul Simon Cincinnati Reds OF
40 732 JR Richard Rix St. Louis Cardinals OF
40 733 JR Bo Rein Cleveland Indians SS
40 734 JR Russell Ross Atlanta Braves SS
40 735 JR Al Fritz Chicago White Sox P
40 736 JR Greg Plant Detroit Tigers 2B-SS
40 737 JR Danny Brown Pittsburgh Pirates 2B
40 738 JR Patrick Knutzen Minnesota Twins P
40 739 JR John Terista San Francisco Giants SS
40 740 JR James Cherwa Baltimore Orioles P
40 741 JR Gene Martin Los Angeles Dodgers 3B
41 742 JR John Wiley New York Yankees P
41 743 JR Joseph Abene New York Mets 3B
41 744 JR Terry Brecher Washington Senators SS
41 745 JR John Burger Houston Astros C
41 746 JR David Margolius Kansas City Athletics C
41 747 JR Leo Bouvet Cincinnati Reds P
41 748 JR Malcolm Beard St. Louis Cardinals SS
41 749 JR Michael Burns Cleveland Indians OF
41 750 JR Keith Walters Atlanta Braves P
41 751 JR Larry Stewart Chicago White Sox P
41 752 JR Dan Rounds Detroit Tigers P
41 753 JR William Hager Pittsburgh Pirates P
41 754 JR Mike Ford Minnesota Twins C
41 755 JR Robert Graczyk San Francisco Giants P
41 756 JR Dave Dingman Baltimore Orioles C
41 757 JR Larry Tingle Los Angeles Dodgers P
42 758 JR Nelson Straley New York Yankees C
42 759 JR Ken Henderson New York Mets 1B
42 760 JR John Wockenfuss Washington Senators 3B-p
42 761 JR Bruce Haynes Houston Astros P
42 762 JR Gregory Hill Kansas City Athletics OF
42 763 JR Robert Zavorskas Cincinnati Reds SS
42 764 JR Robert Olszewski St. Louis Cardinals OF
42 765 JR Brad Lawson Cleveland Indians SS
42 766 JR Gerald Burton Atlanta Braves OF
42 767 JR Albert Holland Chicago White Sox OF
42 768 JR Ralph Darin Detroit Tigers P
42 769 JR Edward Perry Pittsburgh Pirates of-1B
42 770 JR Henry Baker Minnesota Twins 3B
42 771 JR Douglas Theriault San Francisco Giants P
42 772 JR Henry Hoxit Baltimore Orioles P
42 773 JR Douglas Barker Los Angeles Dodgers P-OF
43 774 JR Mike Reinbach New York Yankees OF
43 775 JR Robert Larson New York Mets p-SS
43 776 JR Reggie Sanders Kansas City Athletics OF
43 777 JR Jerry Flick Cincinnati Reds P
43 778 JR Charles Paparone Cleveland Indians SS
43 779 JR Archie Manning Atlanta Braves SS
43 780 JR Toby Heath Chicago White Sox P
43 781 JR Philip Rashead Detroit Tigers C
43 782 JR Neal Kalberer Minnesota Twins P
43 783 JR Michael Miller San Francisco Giants 1B
43 784 JR Doug Hatten Baltimore Orioles P
43 785 JR Dennis Murphy Los Angeles Dodgers P
44 786 JR Dana Ryan New York Yankees 2B
44 787 JR Melvin McNeil New York Mets OF
44 788 JR Ed Assaf Kansas City Athletics P
44 789 JR Joel Green Cincinnati Reds SS
44 790 JR Craig Erbland Cleveland Indians 1B
44 791 JR Alan Bush Atlanta Braves P
44 792 JR Richard Ortner Chicago White Sox C
44 793 JR William Mullins Detroit Tigers OF
44 794 JR Gary Hohman Minnesota Twins C
44 795 JR Mickey Cureton San Francisco Giants OF
44 796 JR John Gonzales Baltimore Orioles P
44 797 JR James O’Brien Los Angeles Dodgers OF
45 798 JR Sam Ewing New York Yankees 1B-OF
45 799 JR Michael Swenton New York Mets OF
45 800 JR Joe Emanuel Kansas City Athletics C
45 801 JR Robert Renninger Cincinnati Reds P
45 802 JR Robert Brooder Cleveland Indians P
45 803 JR Allen Jillison Atlanta Braves P
45 804 JR Bob DeFries Chicago White Sox P
45 805 JR Thomas Jackson Detroit Tigers SS
45 806 JR Tim Bodle Minnesota Twins P
45 807 JR Dave Gillette San Francisco Giants C-of
45 808 JR James Snyder Baltimore Orioles OF
45 809 JR Phillip Cabibi Los Angeles Dodgers 2B
46 810 JR Gerry vanaman New York Yankees 2B
46 811 JR Frank Alfano New York Mets SS
46 812 JR Mark Pena Kansas City Athletics P
46 813 JR Alfred Lee Cincinnati Reds OF
46 814 JR William Bright Cleveland Indians P
46 815 JR Charles Atkinson Atlanta Braves SS
46 816 JR David Rusco Chicago White Sox 2B-SS
46 817 JR Robert Counterman Detroit Tigers C
46 818 JR Robert Berezowitz Minnesota Twins C
46 819 JR Martin Coil San Francisco Giants 1B
46 820 JR Robert Wilczynski Baltimore Orioles 1B-OF
46 821 JR James Southworth Los Angeles Dodgers P
47 822 JR Dennis Gideon New York Yankees P
47 823 JR Allen Clements New York Mets P
47 824 JR Garland Godwin Kansas City Athletics 1B
47 825 JR Terry Edwards Cincinnati Reds OF
47 826 JR Terry Blitz Cleveland Indians P
47 827 JR Harry Brinson Atlanta Braves P
47 828 JR Douglas McGrath Chicago White Sox P
47 829 JR James Sangregario Detroit Tigers OF
47 830 JR Lloyd Brunick Minnesota Twins P
47 831 JR Lynn Sparks San Francisco Giants P
47 832 JR Robert Taylor Baltimore Orioles P
47 833 JR Gene Willetts Los Angeles Dodgers C
48 834 JR Jerry Schultz New York Yankees 2B-3b
48 835 JR Roy Myers New York Mets 3B
48 836 JR James Burns Kansas City Athletics OF
48 837 JR Ray Nygard Cincinnati Reds 3B
48 838 JR John Walker Cleveland Indians C
48 839 JR Thomas Trailer Atlanta Braves OF
48 840 JR Mike McCarter Chicago White Sox C-of
48 841 JR Richard Cutler Detroit Tigers SS-3B
48 842 JR Vern Gove Minnesota Twins OF
48 843 JR Garry Shade San Francisco Giants 2B
48 844 JR Len Pupo Baltimore Orioles OF
48 845 JR William Susa Los Angeles Dodgers P
49 846 JR Walter Failor New York Yankees p-1B
49 847 JR James Bergholtz New York Mets SS
49 848 JR James veryzer Kansas City Athletics OF
49 849 JR Mike Mores Cincinnati Reds P
49 850 JR John Stephenson Cleveland Indians 3B
49 851 JR Thomas Fuller Chicago White Sox C
49 852 JR Richard Wacheli Detroit Tigers P
49 853 JR Robert Meyer Minnesota Twins P
49 854 JR Joe Wischnowski San Francisco Giants P
49 855 JR Charles Sylvester Baltimore Orioles 2B
49 856 JR Steven Napoli Los Angeles Dodgers OF
50 857 JR Dennis Murray New York Yankees P
50 858 JR Tom Robson New York Mets 1B
50 859 JR Greg Wilcox Cincinnati Reds P
50 860 JR Michael Leppa Cleveland Indians 3B
50 861 JR Lawrence Ulanski Chicago White Sox P
50 862 JR Richard Shirk Detroit Tigers 3B-p
50 863 JR Michael vogel Minnesota Twins SS
50 864 JR Hunter Hollar Baltimore Orioles P
50 865 JR John Marino Los Angeles Dodgers C
51 866 JR Jeffery Mason New York Yankees SS
51 867 JR Frank Ujcich New York Mets P
51 868 JR William Povia Cincinnati Reds SS
51 869 JR Gary Zipfel Cleveland Indians of-1B
51 870 JR Roger Benko Chicago White Sox P
51 871 JR Dan Jackson Detroit Tigers if-p
51 872 JR Richard Pope Minnesota Twins P
51 873 JR Joseph MacDonald Baltimore Orioles OF
51 874 JR David Conway Los Angeles Dodgers of-1B
52 875 JR Dale Braumberger New York Yankees P
52 876 JR George Carter New York Mets OF
52 877 JR Ron Spain Cincinnati Reds SS
52 878 JR Gilbert Marrujo Cleveland Indians C
52 879 JR Gary Hoskins Chicago White Sox OF
52 880 JR Phillip Honeycutt Baltimore Orioles 3B
52 881 JR William Graves Los Angeles Dodgers P
53 882 JR Atheophilus Jermany New York Yankees P
53 883 JR Harry Saferight New York Mets C
53 884 JR Donald Sasso Cincinnati Reds 1B
53 885 JR Bob Dorn Cleveland Indians P
53 886 JR Allen Kwiatkowski Baltimore Orioles P
53 887 JR Harold Armstrong Los Angeles Dodgers SS
54 888 JR Randy Nelson New York Yankees 3B
54 889 JR Martin Gearhart New York Mets OF
54 890 JR Thomas Peppier Cincinnati Reds C
54 891 JR Gerald Robert Cleveland Indians P
54 892 JR George Ferguson Baltimore Orioles SS
54 893 JR Steven Lee Los Angeles Dodgers P
55 894 JR Randy vataha New York Yankees SS
55 895 JR Gary Coombs New York Mets P
55 896 JR Franklin Thompson Cincinnati Reds P
55 897 JR James McMahon Cleveland Indians C
55 898 JR Gene Ammann Baltimore Orioles P
55 899 JR Joe Jacobsen Los Angeles Dodgers C
56 900 JR Andrew Botten New York Yankees of-1B
56 901 JR William Seyfert New York Mets 1B
56 902 JR Joseph Gavel Cincinnati Reds 3B-1b
56 903 JR William Hendricks Cleveland Indians P
56 904 JR Carl Bennett Baltimore Orioles C
56 905 JR Michael McPartlin Los Angeles Dodgers 3B
57 906 JR Donald Keeler New York Yankees 1B
57 907 JR Charles Merlo New York Mets SS
57 908 JR David Abell Cincinnati Reds 1B
57 909 JR Kenneth Dean Cleveland Indians P
57 910 JR Jimmy Blackmon Baltimore Orioles P
57 911 JR David Dale Los Angeles Dodgers P
58 912 JR Craig Keister New York Yankees P
58 913 JR Robert Shearer New York Mets OF
58 914 JR Larry Broeman Cincinnati Reds P
58 915 JR Alex Duncan Cleveland Indians P
58 916 JR Richard Coble Baltimore Orioles P
58 917 JR Steven Easton Los Angeles Dodgers P
59 918 JR Gerald Bosch New York Yankees OF
59 919 JR Timothy Ukraskevich New York Mets P
59 920 JR Ralph Kirkland Cincinnati Reds OF
59 921 JR Kenneth Burt Cleveland Indians P
59 922 JR Mike Ehlers Baltimore Orioles C
59 923 JR David Lloyd Los Angeles Dodgers OF
60 924 JR Steve Rogers New York Yankees P
60 925 JR Richard Shelly New York Mets C
60 926 JR Kenneth Jones Cincinnati Reds 2B
60 927 JR Ron Opatkiewicz Cleveland Indians SS
60 928 JR James Thomas Baltimore Orioles if-of
60 929 JR Patrick Manahan Los Angeles Dodgers 3B
61 930 JR Michael Fowler New York Yankees P
61 931 JR William Barr Cincinnati Reds 1B
61 932 JR Dave Phares Cleveland Indians C
61 933 JR Steve Webber Baltimore Orioles P
61 934 JR Albert Rossi Los Angeles Dodgers 2B
62 935 JR Steve Wiencek New York Yankees SS
62 936 JR Timothy Boese Cincinnati Reds P
62 937 JR Joseph Bienko Cleveland Indians P
62 938 JR Barry Woodruff Baltimore Orioles P
62 939 JR Frank Rucker Los Angeles Dodgers P
63 940 JR Paul Branca New York Yankees C
63 941 JR Donald Churchwell Cincinnati Reds OF
63 942 JR Mike Young Baltimore Orioles P
63 943 JR Bruce Ellingsen Los Angeles Dodgers P
64 944 JR John Pavlik New York Yankees OF
64 945 JR Larry Phillipe Cincinnati Reds P
64 946 JR Tom Skendarian Baltimore Orioles OF
64 947 JR Francis Karmelich Los Angeles Dodgers C
65 948 JR Charles Zecco New York Yankees P
65 949 JR Wendell Starrick Cincinnati Reds SS
65 950 JR Tom Lundstedt Los Angeles Dodgers C
66 951 JR Frank Whigham New York Yankees SS
66 952 JR Danny Peelman Cincinnati Reds 1B-OF
66 953 JR Antonio Latour Los Angeles Dodgers P
67 954 JR Roger Hambright New York Yankees P
67 955 JR Richard Moss Cincinnati Reds OF
67 956 JR Craig Fox Los Angeles Dodgers P
68 957 JR Wayne Stephens New York Yankees SS
68 958 JR Wayne Church Cincinnati Reds P
68 959 JR Bart Bell Los Angeles Dodgers 2B
69 960 JR Michael Hunt New York Yankees P
69 961 JR Fred Steinmark Cincinnati Reds SS
69 962 JR Harold Murray Los Angeles Dodgers C
70 963 JR Kelly Godfrey New York Yankees P-OF
70 964 JR John Fodor Cincinnati Reds C
70 965 JR Keith Lieppman Los Angeles Dodgers SS
71 966 JR Larry McClenny New York Yankees P
71 967 JR Bill Sluka Cincinnati Reds OF
72 968 JR Michael Bubalo New York Yankees of-1B
72 969 JR Allen Criswell Cincinnati Reds P
73 970 JR Robert Scott New York Yankees C
74 971 JR Thomas Gill New York Yankees SS
75 972 JR Greg Wellman New York Yankees P
76 973 JR David Walsh New York Yankees SS
77 974 JR Donald vandeusen New York Yankees SS

Yankees Bullpen Coach Mel Wright

Mel WrightA little bit of Yankee trivia regarding the often overlooked job of bullpen coach.  When I made the team in 1966, the beloved Jim Hegan was in his sixth season in the post.  Shanty got pushed out in 1974, mostly because he was a Ralph Houk man and Bill Virdon wanted his buddy Mel Wright.  Mel originally signed with the Yankees in 1950, but never wore pinstripes.  Mel and Bill became close when they played for the same Yankee farm teams in the early 1950’s. He was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals in 1954, along with Virdon and another minor leaguer, Emil Tellinger, for future Hall of Famer Enos Slaughter.  He was on Virdon’s staff with the Pirates, Astros and Expos too.  And he died way too young at age 54.  Sometimes coaches are the flotsam and jetsam of baseball, with their careers dependent upon who the manager is.

Over the coming days, I’ll write a little bit about the other Yankee coaches who were around during my time with the team: Loren Babe, Frank Crosetti, Whitey Ford, Elston Howard, Dick Howser, Mickey Mantle, Wally Moses and Jim Turner.

Jim Hegan 1966

Yankee Shortstop Luis Aparicio? It could have happened

Luis AparicioFuture Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio was looking for a job during Spring Training 1974, having been released by the Boston Red Sox. In his last season, he hit .271 in 132 games and had 135 of his 2,677 hits that year. But he was about to turn 40 and his salary – I think it was just a tad higher than $100,000 — scared people. Aparicio’s agent approached the Yankees, but manager Bill Virdon didn’t want him. He had Jim Mason at shortstop (they spent about $100,000 to purchase his contract from Texas in 1973) and didn’t feel there was room for him at second base, where Horace Clarke was firmly entrenched. And they Yankees had Gene Michael to fill in. Aparicio didn’t hook up with any team. Was it the right move? We’ll never know.

My last game as a Yankee player

My last day as a Yankee player – in my heart, I’ll always be a Yankee – was on April 25, 1974. The Royals were in town and we were playing a Thursday afternoon game at Shea Stadium. Steve Kline was pitching against Paul Splittorff, who had been a couple of years behind by at Arlington High School in the Chicago suburbs. It was the 18th game of the season and we were two games above .500, ½ game behind the 1st place Orioles (not that April stats matter). Steve gave up five runs off six hits and Bill Virdon replaced him with one out in the sixth with Freddy Beene. I came in for Freddy in the seventh to pitch the final three innings of the game. I gave up hits to Cookie Rojas and Amos Otis, but struck out Hal McRae looking to end the inning without too much damage. I had a 1-2-3 eighth inning, and took the mound in the ninth for what would be my last inning as a Yankee pitcher. Bobby Floyd led off with a walk, and Patek bunted to me, putting men on first and second. Rojas bunted, but I through it to Graig Nettles to force Floyd at third. Patek and Rojas advanced a base on my wild pitch. Virdon had me walk Otis and pitch to Big John Mayberry, who hit a grounder to first. Bill Sudakis tossed it to Jim Mason to force Otis at second, but Patek scored and Rojas moved to third. What I didn’t know at the time was that after nine seasons as a Yankee, I was about to face my last batter in pinstripes #19. It was Hal McRae. On a 1-2 count, he hit a fly to Walt Williams in right to end the inning. Kansas won 6-1. The next day, the Yankees announced that they had traded Steve, Freddy and me (coincidentally – and I mean it – all three pitchers from the most recent loss) – along with Tom Buskey – to the Cleveland Indians for Chris Chambliss, Dick Tidrow and Cecil Upshaw. And as a classic New York film character once said, this is the business we have chosen.

It’s not like I didn’t see it coming. The Yankees were a class organization and Gabe Paul told me he was trying to trade me. I wanted to pitch, and I was maybe the fifth man in what was then a four-man rotation – Mel Stottlemyre, Doc Medich, Pat Dobson and Steve Kline. My last start was April 11, the second game of a Sunday double header — ironically against Cleveland — and it didn’t go well. I gave up three runs on nine hits and got pulled in the fourth inning. Sudden Sam McDowell, who was battling me for the fifth starter spot, came in relief. Mr. Paul and the Indians GM, Phil Seghi, had been working on a trade for weeks. While I was pitching my last three innings, Mr. Paul worked out the deal. He really wanted Chambliss, and who can blame him.

If you want more information on the days leading up to the trade, legendary New York sportswriter Murray Chass wrote a column about it a few days earlier. I posted it to my website: https://fritzpetersondotorg.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/chassapril1974.pdf

And in case you were wondering about Freddy Beene​, who is my Facebook friend: the last batter he faced in a Yankee uniform was Bobby Floyd, and he struck him out.