Happy Birthday, Roger Repoz

Roger RepozHappy 75th Birthday to Roger Repoz, my teammate on the Yankees during my rookie season of 1966. Roger had his major league debut with the Yankees in 1964 as a September call-up, and played half a season with them in 1965. I remember one particular day that he was on fire: we were playing a double header against the Athletics in Kansas City and with Mickey Mantle out, Roger played Center Field for both games. He went 2-for-4 in each game, with a total of three RBI’s. A few days later, we were in Detroit and I was pitching. In the top of the first, Denny McClain started off the game by striking out Roy White; then he walked the next three batters – Bobby Richardson, Tommy Tresh and Joe Pepitone — three walks in a row, certainly a rare occurrence for this mighty pitcher. Then Roger Maris drove in Bobby, and with the bases still loaded, Roger drove in Tommy. That gave me a two-run lead before I ever took the mound. But like I said, Denny was a mighty pitcher. He didn’t give up any more hits for the rest of the game. Unfortunately, I did, and we lost 7-2. I got to see the harsh realities of a baseball life for the first time on June 10, 1966 when the Yankees traded Roger, along with Gil Blanco and Bill Stafford, to Kansas City for Billy Bryan and Fred Talbot. It was the first trade since I joined the club. It was nice to get to know Roger, even for a brief time, and it was always nice when I saw him over the next six years when our teams played each other – and not just because he was 0-for-8 against me!


  1. Michael Willen

    As a kid growing up in NY I was a fan of his throughout his career. He even took a phone call from me in his hotel when the Angels were playing the Yankees and popped his head out of dugout to say hello. One of the good guys! I hope he did well after he left baseball and is in good health.


  2. E.J. Wrede

    As a kid, I was a HUGE Repoz fan. I took a lot of teasing for it from the other kids. But I never wavered, and I was crushed when he was sent to the minors in 1972. I hope life has treated you well, Roger. God Bless.


  3. Dann Vail

    My Dad worked for Scovil in Connecticut. His boss had some relation to Roger Repoz in fact from memory he was his father In 1972 we came to California and I got to see him play. He lives in Fullerton and myself in Anaheim yet I don’t know how to contact him. Iwould love to treat his family to dinner and give him a rare keep sake I have that you would enjoy. I work as in the engineering world. If you can help please do. My cell phone is 562 755 8243


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