Would you pick Martin Cott over Thurman Munson?

Thurman MunsonOne of the benefits of the Horace Clarke Era was that the Yankees got to pick early in the Amateur Draft.  I was in my third season as a Yankees pitcher in 1968 when they had the #4 overall pick.  It was a talented pool of prospects, with many first round picks making it to the major leagues.  Three teams had a chance to beat out the Yankees to grab Thurman Munson: the Mets (#1 pick), who took Tim Foli instead; the A’s (#2 pick), who went with Pete Broberg; and the Astros (#3 pick), whose choice was a catcher named Martin Cott, who played three seasons in the minor leagues and was then, for reasons I do not know, out of baseball.

For extreme trivia buffs, other Munson First Round ’68 teammates: Bobby Valentine (#5, by the Dodgers); Greg Luzinski (#11, by the Phillies); future Yankee Rich McKinney (#14, by the White Sox); and Gary Matthews (#17, by the Giants).

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