When the Yankees Were on the Fritz: Revisiting the “Horace Clarke Era”

When the Yankees Were On The Fritz: Revisiting the This book is a players inside look at the Horace Clarke Era, a low point in Yankee history when the New York Yankees couldn’t win a pennant despite having one of the best right handed/and left handed pitching combinations in the game of baseball, Mel Stottlemyre and Fritz Peterson. It begins with the day Fritz Peterson entered the Yankee clubhouse in the spring of 1966 and goes through the day he, and 3 teammates were traded to the Cleveland Indians. Some of the characters Fritz met were amazing, from Mickey Mantle down to a minor leaguer named Luke Lamboley. You will learn that the Yankees were a real family during those days, unlike todays business entities who take their own limo’s to the airports for road games.

Fritz Peterson will sign and personalize your  book.



  1. Rob Atkinson

    I saw that your signed book was temporarily out of stock. If they become available again, I would love to purchase one or two.
    Thank you much,

    …loving the Facebook page!


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  3. gsheffer

    Fritz, great book. Congratulations! Those Yankee teams weren’t great but were lovable. Quick question: Do you remember speaking in 1971 at the Hudson New York Little League banquet? I was in the audience as an 11-year-old.

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